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Gutter Repair

Gutter Works offers a full range of repair options from small scale repairs, and downspout replacements to complete gutter overhauls.  Gutter Works will analyze any damage or persistent problems you may be having with your existing gutter system.  Upon inspection, Gutter Works will recommend appropriate solutions including gutter system repair or replacement as warranted.  
If you have an unexpected natural disaster due to a storm or other reason, our trained professionals will repair any damage and help prevent further damage from occurring. If you have a gutter or downspout that is damaged or not working properly, we have the resources and equipment on our trucks to fix it permanently. Sometimes the gutters are pulling away from the house, sometimes they are bent or damaged, or it might just be time to get some new gutters. Either way, we are happy to give you some straightforward and objective advice so you can make an informed decision.

Examples of Damage
Produced by bad Gutters

By the way, did we mention that Gutter Works provides 24 Hour Emergency Service to help prevent further damage from occurring? Gutter Works guarantees their craftsmanship with a Labor and Material Warranty and unparalleled customer service.

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In most cases, gutters are attached to what is know in the building trade as a "fascia board" or more commonly referred to as "trim". If these boards are badly weathered or rotted out, they must be replaced prior to the installation of new gutters. We recommend replacing the boards and "capping" them with aluminum trim coil, (baked enamel finish) in your choice of color.


The underside of your eaves (structural overhangs) is referred to as a "soffit". Outdated wooden soffits require time-consuming maintenance and usually do not provide adequate ventilation into the roof rafters. We recommend replacing your old soffits with all new technologically advanced, maintenance free, "vented-vinyl soffits".