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Copper Gutters

Copper Gutters are one of our many Specialties here at Gutter Works!  Gutters are the unsung heroes of a home's exterior. When constructed from copper, this often overlooked detail becomes more than a rainy day standout.

Copper gutters installed by Gutter Works allow us to leave the realm of utility and enter the arena of architectural detail. Most copper gutter jobs are custom, allowing plenty of room for creativity. In the right hands, downspouts and catches take the look of sculpture. With each passing year, copper reaches new levels of patina. With a quality installation, foot traffic passing a home will stop and take notice.

Copper guttering has long been considered the ultimate in guttering and for good reason.  There are several reasons to use copper gutters on a home, beyond the aesthetic and elegant look it adds. Copper is very corrosion-resistant, so it will endure even in salty conditions and areas with a great deal of acid rain. It is not uncommon for copper gutters to have a lifespan of 60 to 90 years or triple that of aluminum. Copper guttering are mostly utilized in their natural, unfinished state allowing the copper to develop it's own distinctive, protective patina throughout many years. Copper performs great in inner cities, coastal and marine environments. Copper's protective patina gives it the ability to ward off corrosion, durability and very long life.  Copper patina varies by climate but generally copper starts out a bright salmon copper and gradually turns brown, then shades of reddish brown, grayish brown, greenish brown then finally a variegated light pastel green after 25 some years. The rich changing earth tone color palette is one of the prized features of copper.

Copper guttering is riveted and soldered, so there are rarely any issues with leaks or repairs. Copper gutters will definitely upgrade and enhance any home or commercial building and add true curb appeal and value. Copper gutter's super long life, little to no required maintenance, no painting, no leaks and 100% recyclability with recycled copper retaining up to 95 per cent of new raw copper value, a great case can be made for choosing copper gutters.

Environmentally speaking, copper is considered one of the greenest and most eco-friendly materials available and copper's total environment cost is lower than initially cheaper materials.  Copper gutters are often combined with decorative gutter hangers, seamless round copper downspouts or downpipe, decorative downspout brackets and often a decorative, distinctive conductor head or leader head.   Installing copper gutters can be tricky, because the lengths of copper will need to be soldered together for a snug fit. Some people prefer to leave installation to professionals who are experienced at gutter installation, because mistakes with copper can get very expensive.

For people that want to enjoy the durability, longevity, value and environment friendly nature of copper but would prefer gray earth tone, lead coated copper is available with the same attributes as copper other than color. Also, lead coated copper gutters versus zinc gutters are easier and more versatile to form, less restictive and easier to install, while being more reliable, durable in any weather situation and longer lasting.

We have copper gutters in all shapes and sizes, from k style to half round, high back to custom fabricated.

Copper Half Round
Copper High Back Ogee
Copper Ogee or "K-Style"
Copper Rain Chain
Copper Leader Head